Android phones for travellers

If you're a traveller, or just someone who spends time away from charging stations, because of work conditions. Choices for Android phones are very limited.

Why? If you can't swap out your phone's battery in the field, on-the-go? Then what else can you do, Unless you carry two phones, which doesn't make any sense.

Manufacturers are moving away from user replaceable batteries and micro SD slot. Which is a very stupid move.

Currently the best choices for Android phones with a removable battery and micro SD card slots are:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
2. Samsung Galaxy S5
3. LG G3

I know there are other less popular models, however don't expect much in terms of software updates for those other models. Also, third party ROM support is always better with popular flagships. This way your device can stay updated for years longer.

Fortunately these phones have micro SD slots as well.


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