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Useful & Cool Android Apps

So I treated myself to a Samsung Captivate Glide , despite going through the hassle of getting an unlock code to free it from AT&T, it's a fantastic mobile device with a physical hardware QWERTY keyboard. It's easy to get carried away and load your Android phone with all sorts of junk, so here are some apps that you might useful. You can check out my AppAware profile to see what all I have installed and like. Productivity Springpad Evernote Google Docs WordWeb Dropbox Heath & wellness Sleep Bot Tracker Log Sleepmeter Endomondo Sports Tracker Tools Traffic Monitor Traffic Statics AndroZip File Manager AirDroid Instant Messaging IM+ eBuddy Skype WhatsApp Mail Gmail Yahoo! Mail Hotmail Social LinkedIn Twitter Google+ Facebook for Android Facebook Messenger Audio Winamp PowerAmp Internet radio TWiT Play PRI BBC Radio Sticher TuneIn Radio Jazz Radio Jazz Internet Radio Digitally Imported Radio FIT Radio Mobi