Nokia E71 - Pros & Cons

After using my new Nokia E71 for a few days these are my thoughts...



1. Superb battery life.
2. Build quality is reference standard, very well designed.
3. Slim balanced form factor, weight/size ratio really helps in one hand typing.
4. WiFi/WLAN, FM, GPS, 3G.
5. Big enough screen.

1. Very fast OS and fast user interface.
2. Last.FM Mobbler and Nokia Internet Radio apps shine on the E71.
3. Symbian S60 vast apps ecosystem is the key.



1. No option to buy non-regionalized (keyboard) models. Arabic (in White, easy to see) with English (in Blue, very hard to see) is really killing the expereince for me. Will replace keypad with aftermarket keypad first chance I get.
2. Keyboard keys could've been slightly larger, but this debate will never stop. My opinion Blackberry got the sweet spot right, just copy that!
3. Fingerprints, smudges dirty the entire sharp look of the phone.
4. Loudspeaker should've been louder and stereo. They help in noisy biz situations too.
5. A gig or two of user storage would've been more pratical for a device like this. Memory's already cheap enough.
6. Atleast 384MB or 512MB SDRAM, face it its already a computer.
7. I'm also annoyed by a backlight bleed, between the LCD and top keys. I don't mind the backlight bleed so much, if it was an even bleed, it looks like Nokia got some measurments wrong with the top left key.

1. Mobile VPN is crappy and useless, doesn't support the two big PPTP or OpenVPN technologies. That means I can't bypass blocks, as all my VoIP is useless because all VoIP SIP, Skype, Fring is actively blocked in the Middle East. Just port OpenVPN to S60 please!
2. S60 browser should be fully functional like desktop browsers.
3. Poor Codec support - Just port VLC media player already!

One big request...
Just port OpenVPN to S60 please! If Nokia supports PPTP, OpenVPN then we'll really save money with VoIP calls using this smartphone. Heck, version 1 iPhone already has this!


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