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How LG and Sony Mobiles Failed Us

I had read reports about people having issues with LG and Sony mobile phones, but I wasn't prepared for the extent of issues that would appear when I decided to try out Sony (Xperia Z3 Dual and Z3 Compact) and LG (G4 Dual SIM, V10 Dual SIM) mobile devices. LG G4 Dual SIM - UAE Model This story is widely known, my wife's LG G4 went in to a boot loop, one month before the warranty was about to end. LG authorized service center in Sharjah swapped the motherboard in less than ten minutes and we were on our way. However my friend who also went through the same issues, says that his LG G4 has started having issues of slow downs again. Time will tell if these phones last. LG V10 Dual SIM - Singapore Model -  Battery Issues From the start LG V10 Dual SIM - Singapore Edition, had terrible battery life, I would hold Qualcomm Snapdragon accountable for that poor SoC implementation and I would hold LG accountable for not compensating for its poor battery life with a bigger battery.